SINK is a small art space in Vienna which was founded in the transition period from 2020 to 2021. (Art is still important - despite all the disasters.)
SINK focuses on small art works. (The dimensions of the exhibition space are limited to 186 x 105 x 65 cm.)
SINK is actually the empty space under a big red sink. (Which is located in a collective studio.)
SINK was founded by two visual artists: Lukas Matuschek and Florian Sorgo. (Who are friends since years.)

We opened a small art space because affordable space is rare.
Additionally, less space means less time ressources needed.
As visual artists ourselves we're already professionals in self-exploitation.
Maybe it would be good to unlearn that a little bit.

Also we are critical of the tendencies towards huge art works.
This often seems like a strategy to generate attention by means of quantity.
And that's boring and elitist.

Avoiding this spectacular turn we want to engage in details.
Instead of overwhelming with too much we want to focus on less.

Big artworks mostly require big money.
We don't have that.
And the majority of all the great artists in this universe don't have that either.

(Besides that, we think that already more established artists have a responsibility to the future generations.
And they could assume that responsibility as teachers, as supporters, as multipliers.
Therefor we also think about to invite some giants in our dwarf's cave.)