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The rocks took a long way to gather in this territory. Actually, they are the inside – more than a bone, than a landscape. I place them around the fire, to bring back old memories, share well hidden secrets. These, that connect the surroundings. It happens, when they all speak in chorus: the principle of matter is not to be a shape. Enough though for agile edges. Hard is only a question of perspective, scale, method, not the truth. But then what is surface tension about? And if so, I stretch its point of decision.

“Volcanoes” makes one chapter of Elisa Schmid’s artistic research called “Facies”. The title facies was to be found among the geological terms and describes those characteristics of a body that derive from its geological history. These inherent records of itself, inscribed in the matter, are the focus of the artist’s exploration and the starting point for what we can call “activation” of matter. Schmid says “matter” with full intention because its definition is the unstable property of the material. The installation at sink shows stones that were forced to an uncomfortable situation.

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Gefördert duch: BMKOES, Stadt Wien Kultur Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus